Asset Protection, Transport & Security Augmentation Teams

What is asset protection, transport & Security Augmentation Teams?

When KC Protective Services refers to "Asset Protection & Transport", we are referring to the safe and secure transportation of LEGAL personnel and property, also often referred to as courier services. 


We often provide asset protection and transport services for jewelers and their product when they arrive at an airport and need to get to a buyer or other locations in unfamiliar territory. This service is typically conducted "low-profile" so not to draw attention to the client. This armed service is accompanied by an unmarked, leased vehicle, so it cannot be tracked back to the client in any way. Other assets to be protected and transported may include: executives, family, art, celebrities, public figures, government officials and foreign dignitaries. Though the list is lengthy, it is not all inclusive.


Our protection specialists occasionally get called upon to protect clients during legal proceedings. Emotions tend to run high during this all too common process. People with bad intentions have been known to "attack" or "threaten to harm" a victim or defendant. The question is, “Will they follow through with it?” This same question just may be the one question you don’t want risk your life or the life of your loved ones with. Whether you are truly concerned for your well-being or that of your loved ones, or just want “peace of mind”, KC Protective Services can help. Whether you want us by your side blending in to engage a threat when presented or standing out as a deterrent to bad intentions, or even “in the shadows nearby”, KC Protective Services can accommodate your needs.


Security Augmentation Teams are commonly referred to as "SAT". SAT teams are used to supplement existing security teams. These teams are often used to support/supplement security teams for foreign dignitaries, celebrities, government officials, high-profile individuals and global/corporate security teams. This is commonly done for a few reasons: existing teams are shorthanded, teams are faced with an active threat and desire increasing their existing capabilities, and existing teams are commonly smaller and don't need large full-time teams. SAT teams are typically security teams from the area in which the existing team is traveling to. However, it is not uncommon for security companies like KC Protective Services to be hired and requested to travel to nationwide or even worldwide locations to keep their clients safe while traveling and attending training, national sales meetings or other meetings, or even vacation (also see travel security). 


Asset recovery is another service we provide. Unfortunately, property possession and ownership are labeled as a "civil matter' and it is not always as easy as directing someone to, "Go pick this up". KC Protective Services can assist you through this challenging process.

Common clients for this service:

  • Jewelers
  • Executives 
  • Families
  • Art dealers
  • Celebrities
  • Public figures
  • Government officials
  • Foreign dignitaries
  • Defendants/Victims during Court/legal Proceedings