Kevin "KC" Schnell



Kevin has approximately a decade of military experience. His titles include: Infantry Staff Sergeant (SSG), reconnaissance Scout Observer, Airborne Ranger, Drill Sergeant, Presidential Escort, Pentagon Tour Director and Master Fitness Instructor. Kevin was certified as a Combat Lifesaver (CLS) and held a Top Secret -Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) security clearance for the duration of his military career. Kevin has managed tactical and garrison teams ranging from 5-60 personnel in various environments.

Kevin has over 14 years of law enforcement experience in Missouri, working for the Kansas City, Belton and Independence Police Departments. He has been assigned to patrol units, a proactive unit, an ATV team, a bicycle unit and S.W.A.T. Kevin is certified as a Critical Incident Team (CIT) member and is well trained in defensive tactics and first aid. Kevin is trained in the Incident Command System and Emergency Management Response (ICS 100, 200, 700 & 800). 

Kevin has worked in the protective services industry since 2011 and was the Honor Graduate of the 28-day Executive Security International protective services school in Grand Junction, CO in 2012.  

Kevin is the President and co-owner of KC Protective Services LLC and KC Cann Transport LLC.

Law Enforcement






Corey Randall

Vice President


 Corey Randall has 15 years of experience in law enforcement.  She began her career in 2003 in the Kansas City, MO metro area with a Communications Division.  Upon completion of the Kansas City Missouri Police Academy in 2006, she began working as a full-time police officer.  Corey worked in the Patrol Unit as a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer and a Field Training Officer (FTO) prior to being promoted to Sergeant in 2014.  Since then she has worked as a sergeant in the Patrol Unit supervising a team of nine officers, and she is currently assigned to a Criminal Investigations Unit, where she supervises 5 detectives and a Property Control Technician.  Corey has extensive offensive and defensive driver’s training and experience, and is well-trained in defensive tactics, weapons handling and first aid. 

In her free time, Corey likes to remain physically fit, and formerly owned her own gym, CrossFit Blue Springs.  She still remains active in the CrossFit community.

Corey graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southwest Missouri State University in 2003.  Corey has worked in the Protective Services field since 2015 and has provided Executive Protection, site security, asset protection and special event security.  Corey collaborated with Kevin Schnell in 2018 and developed what is now known as KC Protective Services.  Corey is the co-owner and Vice President of the company and continues to operate as a protection specialist.

Law Enforcement/Investigations Sergeant



Athlete/Fitness Instructor



Karzan Baban

Director of Operations

Winning hearts and minds

Karzan is an adaptable and results-driven emergency management and security professional with significant domestic and international experience in large-scale operations including serving as incident commander, operations section chief, planning chief, and interpreter (Kurdish, Arabic & Farsi).

Karzan is a seasoned professional with over 150 direct action missions that utilizes strong, pro-active communication skills to build working relationships with internal and external parties to achieve mission-oriented results that facilitate rapid and long-term success. 

Karzan was directly involved in the development and training of Middle Eastern Partner Nation SOF Units, ICTF, CTS Commandos and 36th Brigade for the past 15 years (2003-2019) with over 20 active assignments through the State Department (DoS). 


Karzan is KC Protective Services' Director of Operations and company's Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Middle Eastern and North Africa operations. 




Tactical Operations