Intelligence Integration (I2)

Why use intelligence integration?

KC Protective Services utilizes their proprietary intelligence integration to coordinate the multiple sources of intelligence available on the commercial market based upon customer needs. We collect, analyze, produce, and then disseminate that custom intelligence to our protection specialists which Infers or implies a direct threat to the customer: people, property, or interests; reveals the development, proliferation, or execution of a threat to the customer; is any matter of interest within scope of the security of the customer.

I2 informs all of our policy decisions, strategic decisions, security actions, negotiations (national and international) and interactions with operational and strategic level contacts both abroad and at home. I2 can also be used to coordinate with local security providers and first responders in a time of crisis. 

The Intelligence Cycle is simply the process of developing raw information into finished intelligence, which can be used by the end consumer to inform decision making, substantiate policies and strategic decision processing, and inform, enable, and empower security teams. The following services are different via the collection methodologies, sources, technologies, and tradecraft, but their result is always the same: finished intelligence directly piped to our protection specialists that are specific to our customers’ needs. We offer the following services for your customers:



Targeting (Attack Surface)

Competitive Intelligence

Persistent Monitoring


Local Work Force Screening (National/International)

Public Domain Profile

Social media monitoring

Also available:

  • Daily Intelligence Reports
  • Weekly Intelligence Reports
  • After Action Reviews
  • Intelligence Summaries
  • Risk Profiles
  • Competitive Intelligence Reports
  • Persistent Intelligence